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Stockholm is not a cheap city, and 18,500 SEK is not a lot of money. Especially if accommodation has to be paid as well.

The student will be responsible for finding and paying for accommodation. Usually, younger people who move to Stockholm choose to rent a room in a shared apartment, but logically there are many other options as well.

We can provide the student with broad indications about reference websites, but it is the student’s responsibility to find a place to stay.

VERY IMPORTANT For BSH to offer a contract with these conditions BSH will need a written confirmation that the student’s academic institution has an internship program and that the student has an insurance coverage (either by the academic institution or private).

Se ofrece

We are BSH Home Appliances Group, the #1 manufacturer of home appliances in Europe and one of the biggest in the world. It’s possible that you have not heard of BSH, but you have probably heard of our brands: Bosch, Siemens, Balay, and many others. You can find more information and figures about BSH on the link here: https://www.bsh-group.com/.

In short, at BSH in Stockholm we have a 500sqm product showroom at the headquarters that we are currently using mainly for training purposes. So we would like to open this showroom also to end consumers, especially those who are planning to build a new kitchen. Our aim is to get Kitchen Studios around Stockholm to send consumers who are in this kitchen planning phase to our showroom so that we can give them for free a tour and show them all the different appliance options, ensuring they choose the appliances they really want for their new kitchens.

And to build up this whole process involving our Showroom, Kitchen Studios, consumers, product tours, etc., we’ll need some help from someone like you.

All tasks will be performed in English.

The duration of this internship is between 4 and 6 months. The exact duration should be agreed between BSH and the student beforehand. We prefer 6 months, but it can be negotiated to a minimum of 4 months if there is a need from the student’s side.

We would like to start as soon as possible, but definitely not later than the end of summer. Please note that July is a very slow month for consumers and the industry in the Nordic countries.

BSH will transfer to the student’s bank account 18,500 SEK (approx. 1,630 EUR) per month. BSH will also provide the student with a two-way flight tickets from a European airport to Stockholm.

The student will have a desk at our Stockholm offices and access to a laptop and mobile phone during the internship.

The work must be performed from Monday till Friday, following the Swedish calendar of public holidays. The working hours are flexible, but typically from 8:30 till 17:00 from Monday till Thursday, and on Fridays from (:30 until 15:00.

In case there is a work-related need for traveling, BSH will take care of all expenses. But traveling is not a critical part of the assignment.

Envía tu CV

My name is Santiago Ananos. I’m the Marketing Director for BSH in the Nordic Countries, based in Stockholm. We are looking for a graduate student with a degree in a business-related title to help us with a project connected to our business in Kitchen Studios.

I’ll try to outline in this email the content of the job and the conditions we offer. But if you have any questions, please email me at Santiago.ananos@bshg.com.

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