Ofertas de prácticas

Building Science and Environment department


Début de stage
As early as possible
Lieu de stage
Place of the internship
Campus Sud of Le Tampon – Building and Environment Science department (S.B.E dept.) – University of La Réunion (Réunion Island / France)
English (the student must be fluent)
Field of study
Gas Analysis / Experimentation / Syngas / Arduino / Low cost sensors
• B. Sc / Masters in Chemistry or instrumentation.
• Metrologic Engineering.
• Electronic Engineering.
• Experimental Engineering.
Intitulé du stage
Title of the internship
Development and assessment of a new and low-cost sensors pilot dedicated to the characterization of the syngas.
Contexte et problématiques
Context and problems
Syngas, produced by biomass from waste in the gasification process, is an interesting fuel. To analyze the composition of this gas (i.e. syngas containing methane, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and many others atoms) we need a chromatography measuring instrument. The device is very expensive and difficult to transport to remote areas (e.g. in rural zones).
Hypothèses et
Objectifs du stage
Assumptions and objectives of the internship
The objective of this project is to build a new and portable low-cost sensor which is capable to simultaneously detect the five principally composition of the syngas (i.e. H2, CO, CO2, CH4 and N2). The selected candidate will work on similar technical measurements (see [1] and [2] for more information) and on the SIZER software [3] developed in the PIMENT laboratory (University of la Réunion).
Déroulement du stage
Timeline of the internship
1. Bibliography: Accuracy assessment in metrology / Technical measurement of the gas / Syngas / Arduino programming (1 months);
2. Build the device and the experimental protocol (1 months);
3. Reliability test of the new sensor (0.5 months)
4. Article writing (in English) (3 months)
5. Preparation of the oral presentation (0.5 months

Se ofrece

Durée et période de séjour souhaitée
Duration and starting date
6 months. The selected student will work from 08 :00 a.m to 12:00 then 12:45 p.m to 16:45 p.m (Monday to Friday) with a 10 minutes tea break in the morning and afternoon sessions
Cadre institutionnel
Host Institution
Structure d’accueil / Host laboratory
PIMENT (Physics and Mathematical Engineering Laboratory for Energy and Environment) – Faculty of Human Being Science and Environment (S.H.E) – Le Tampon.
Maître(s) de stage (nom et fonction) / Tutor Name and job :
Dr / H.D.R Damien FAKRA, Engineer/Teacher in experimentation and instrumentation science.
Possibilité de financement du stage / Internship sponsoring possibility
This internship research will be funded by OSU-Réunion (Federation Fédération OMNCG

Profil requis
1. Measurment errors assessement.
2. Analysis gas.
3. Syngas composition.
4. Sensors calibration.
5. Gasification.
6. Arduino programming.
7. Scientifical writting.

Conditions matérielles
Logistics support
Equipement disponible / Work environment
The selected Student will have a practical workplace (see Figure 1) and an office. (see Figure 2). The office is equipped with a computer (free internet connection and printing). There is a library as well in the campus. The candidate will have access in chromatograph and standard gas for the comparison and tests cases studies.
Outils disponibles / disponibility tools
• Free access in variety of scientifically journal (Springer, Sciencedirect, etc.).
• Softwares (Matlab, SkechUp, SIZER, etc.).

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