Arqus Internships Platform

Enlaces donde empresas y estudiantes podrán encontrar o publicar ofertas de prácticas internacionales. La red de universidades, a la que pertenece la UGR, avanza en la prestación de este servicio. Consulta las ofertas vigentes.

Arqus is a multilateral alliance of internationalized institutions who share academic, scientific and cultural objectives, a common vision of the role of higher education and research and mutual fields of interest.

Arqus Internships Platform has been launched and this information has been disseminated by the comm team in UGR through various platforms.

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Arqus launches the Arqus Internships portal

The European interns for SMEs programme aims to allow mobility of Arqus students with different skills and profiles towards start-ups and small and medium companies in partner regions offering internships on innovative projects and ventures.
Students will have the chance to gain work-based experience in an international context, allowing them to learn to work in different cultural environments and helping them acquire essential skills fro improving students’ employability for today’s fast-changing labour market.
For the SMEs, this action will allow them to add an international dimension to their approach to business through these Arqus interns.

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 BA/MA/PhD/Other | AdministrationThe University of Bergen is recruiting trainees at the International Centre for the academic year 2021/22Bergen | Norway NewAdministrative work with the Erasmus+ programme, organization of International events, visits, etc. General administrative tasks.DOWNLOAD OFFER 

 BA | Management/Marketing/Business developmentWeb developerWroclaw | Poland NewAssistance to the programme’s coordinator; updating the website, intranet platforms, and databases; PR and advertising activities via social media platforms; media coverage of events; conducting correspondence with candidates.DOWNLOAD OFFER 

 BA | Management/Marketing/Business developmentCommunity ManagerLisbon | Portugal NewUse, create, utilize and attend social media content related with sport office of Nova University of Lisbon.DOWNLOAD OFFER 

 BA | Management/Marketing/Business developmentGoToForeignMarket officer – AudioWizardLyon | France NewFind what is relevant in your country to adapt our software to your country’s requirements. Contact prospects, deal with them, sell the software. DOWNLOAD OFFER 


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