Becas de la Dirección General de Traducción e Interpretación de la Comisión Europea

 Están disponibles para estudiantes de todas las disciplinas ,que hayan sido aceptados en un curso de formación de postgrado a tiempo completo ,en el ámbito de la interpretación de conferencias y que sea impartido, por una universidad reconocida o una institución a nivel universitario. El importe de la beca que se concede es de 2.400€ para aquellos que estudian en un Estado miembro y 1.600€ para aquellos que estudian en un estado no miembro o en un país candidato.

Los plazos son el 16 de septiembre de 2013 (para las solicitudes iniciales) y el 30 de septiembre de 2013 (para los expedientes completos).

DG Interpretation bursaries

Do you want to become a conference interpreter ? You may be eligible for a study bursary from the Directorate General for Interpretation.


  • you are a national of an EU Member State or of one of the candidate countries (the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Iceland, Montenegro, Serbia or Turkey);
  • you already have a university degree or equivalent qualification, or are in the final year of a course leading to a university degree or equivalent qualification;
  • you have one of the following language combinations:

1. excellent command of your active language, and a very good passive knowledge of

a. at least one of the following languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and

b. of one or more of the following languages: Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Irish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Slovene, Swedish or of the languages of a candidate country (Icelandic, Macedonian, Montenegrin, Serbian or Turkish)


2. excellent command of two languages (to mother-tongue level) of which one is a language mentioned under 1.a above and the other one of the languages mentioned under 1.b;


3. excellent command of your active language and a perfect understanding of at least two of the languages mentioned under 1.a;


You have applied or intend to apply for a full Master/postgraduate course in conference interpreting offered for the year 2013-2014 by a recognised university or university-level institution

Then you may apply for a Study BURSARY from the Directorate General for Interpretation.

In granting study bursaries, preference will be given to applicants offering a language combination which is most suited to DG Interpretation’s current and foreseeable needs.  [81 KB] Selection will be based on the applicant’s language combination and on the assessment of the potential of the candidate.

Please, note that

  • Candidates who have received a bursary and pass their final examinations must undertake to sit an inter-institutional accreditation test and, if successful, to give the EU Institutions first call upon their services for a period of three years;
  • DG Interpretation bursary is intended as a contribution towards study expenses, but not necessarily covering all costs. It can be combined with additional funds provided by the university, by the Member State or by other public or private bodies;
  • DG Interpretation bursary holders may not benefit at the same time from other bursaries or allowances offered by the European Union.
  • Abandoning the course voluntarily during the postgraduate year may make you liable to repay all or part of the bursary;
  • Subsequent recruitment as a freelance interpreter by DG Interpretation depends on the applicant’s passing their final examinations and the relevant inter-institutional accreditation test;
  • In awarding bursaries, DG Interpretation will endeavour to maintain an appropriate gender balance;
  • Where the Master/postgraduate course is of more than one-year duration,only final year students will be eligible.

Selection procedures

Eligible application forms will be considered by a Selection Committee, which will meet around the end of October 2013. The Committee will submit a list of possible beneficiaries to the authorising officer for award decision.

The award decision is final, however questions can be sent to:

All applicants will be informed of the outcome of the selection before the end of November 2013.

The amount of the bursary will be:

  • 2.400 € for those studying in a member state;
  • 1.600 € for those studying in a candidate country / non Member State

The bursary will consist of one single payment.

The amount and terms of payment will be notified to successful applicants at the address stated in the application form. No payment will be made without prior proof of admission to an appropriate course.

How to apply for a bursary:

(A privacy statement  applies to the collection of personal information via this form. By clicking on the link to the form you consent to the processing of your personal data as described).

Deadline for submissions: 16 September 2013

Complete herethe inter-active application form 2013/2014 (compulsory!) and upload all the documents listed below:

  • a copy of your passport or identity card;
  • a detailed CV, listing all your qualifications;
  • a short motivation letter (max. 800 characters), written in English, French or German;
  • the form related to your bank details  (together with a copy of a bank account statement);
  • the legal entity  paper (VAT number is not required for bursaries)
  • a copy of your last university degree
  • if necessary and if requested, a dossier describing your training institution and your course

The originals of the university admission certificate, the bank details form and the legal entity paper must be sent by post by 30 September 2013 at the latest according to the postal stamp. They will not be returned to candidates after the selection procedure has been completed.

Send documents to:

DG Interpretation BURSARIES 
B100 – 7/27 

Please observe the deadlines indicated. No dossier will be considered after these dates. Please note that if the information you provide is incorrect or misleading, or if you fail to complete the course, you may be required to refund all or part of the bursary.

The full work programme giving details of the study bursary programme may be consulted here.  [188 KB]

Questions and all correspondence relating to the bursaries scheme should be sent to:

DG Interpretation Bursaries co-ordinator e-mail:

Please mention in every e-mail your full name.

Information about Higher Education Institutes (HEIs)

list of HEIs  [191 KB] with which DG Interpretation has regular contacts is available on our website. This is not an exhaustive list of institutions offering postgraduate training in interpreting.

You may also wish to learn about the European Master in Conference Interpreting  (EMCI), an intensive postgraduate course offered by a number of HEIs.

If the HEI which has accepted you does not appear on the list, if requested, you must be able to submit a detailed description of the institution, the course structure and the nature of the training offered. If, in the light of this information, DG Interpretation considers the training provided by the course inadequate, your application may be refused. DG Interpretation’s decision on this matter is final. The definition of the Master’s programme, which appears on DG Interpretation’s website or the EMCI website (see above), is a useful guide for judging whether the training is suitable.

Working for DG Interpretation

In order to work as an interpreter for DG Interpretation, you will be required to pass a test. Further information about these tests, together with on-line application forms, may be found on the Europa Languages Portal.