Electroquímica en IMDEA Energia

Nuestro sistema energético actual no es sostenible desde el punto de vista económico, político ni medioambiental. La necesidad de un cambio radical en la distribución de las diferentes fuentes de energía primaria es un hecho ampliamente reconocido. Existe un consenso generalizado respecto a que la transición hacia un sistema energético sostenible depende en gran medida de nuevos desarrollos científicos y tecnológicos que promuevan y faciliten la aplicación comercial de fuentes de energías limpias y renovables. Para ello, resulta necesario conseguir que estas nuevas fuentes de energía se apliquen a gran escala y con costes competitivos respecto a los combustibles fósiles.

 Contacto correo-e: andreas.mavrantonakis@imdea.org

The Institute IMDEA Energy is a Research Centre created by the Regional Government of “Comunidad de Madrid” to develop world-class R&D on clean and renewable energy. The ultimate goal of the Institute IMDEA Energy is to achieve outstanding scientific and technological contributions in the creation of a sustainable energy system. The aim of the Institute is to make a significant impact in all energy-related research topics by bringing together high quality researchers, providing them with
excellent infrastructures and resources and promoting their close collaboration with the industrial
IMDEA Energy is opening a Predoctoral Researcher position on Electrochemical Energy Storage with focus on Computational modelling, with the following
Your Tasks:
? Application of Computational modelling techniques (Density Functional Theory – DFT, wavefunction theory & Molecular Dynamics) for:
• The calculation of redox potentials, solubilities and stabilities of redox-active molecules in
various solvents.
• Modelling electrochemical reactions (oxygen evolution reaction and oxygen reduction
• Identifying structure-activity relationships.
? Perform electrochemical measurements.
Your Qualification, Experience and Skills:
? Compulsory:
• Degree in Chemistry, Material Science, or Chemical Engineering, or equivalent.
• Master Degree in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science or equivalent.
• Fluent oral and written communication skills in English (working language will be English).
? Recommended:
• Knowledge and experience of theoretical/computational chemistry and electrochemistry.
• Knowledge of UNIX-based environments.
• Programming or scripting skills (fortran, perl, python,…).
Location: Móstoles, Madrid, Spain.
Duration: One year appointment with annual renewals depending on performance.
Starting Date: April.
Reference: 2017-T1/AMB-5264 (18.07.EQ4 PRE)

Información complementaria de la oferta:
For further information contact: Andreas Mavrantonakis,
E-mail: andreas.mavrantonakis@imdea.org
Applicants should send their Curriculum Vitae, contact details of at least 2 people that can provide
references, cover letter, and student records with the average marks obtained, before March 01st at
15:00h to the following address:
 e-mail: andreas.mavrantonakis@imdea.org
 Subject: Reference 2017-T1/AMB-5264 (18.07.EQ4 PRE