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Se trata del centro de investigación neurobiológica más antiguo de España. Sus investigadores y profesionales de renombre contribuyen al avance espectacular de la Neurobiología en todo el mundo. El IC se prepara para afrontar los retos del futuro y pone al servicio de la sociedad el Legado Cajal.

Boletín semanal de ofertas de empleo publico

 Institución:Instituto Cajal (CSIC)

We are looking for highly motivated and enthusiastic candidates with a Master degree in the Biomedical field, interested in pursuing a PhD in Neuroscience in the laboratory of Dr. Aixa Morales at the Cajal Institute.
The candidate will work in adult and developmental neurogenesis in the hippocampus and will use different models and techniques, including region?specific knockout mice, genome?wide analysis, neurospheres culture and animal behavioral test.
– To have an academic record above 7.8 (scale 1?10).
– Research experience in Molecular Biology and mouse models will be valued.
– The candidate will apply for the FPU fellowships from the recent call on
We offer:
One year contract linked to our recently funded project from MCIU (SAF2017-85717-R)
Interested candidates should contact us before the 25th of October, 2018.

Información complementaria de la oferta:
Selected publications:
– FGF signaling enhances a Shh negative feedback loop to coordinate ventral patterning and caudal extension of the spinal cord. Morales, A.V., Espeso-Gil, S., Ocaña, I., Nieto-López, F., Calleja, E., Bovolenta, P., Lewandoski, M. and Diez del Corral,R.  Dev. Neurobiol. 76(9):956-71 (2016).

– Brain insulin-like growth factor-I directs the transition from stem cells to mature neurons during postnatal/adult hippocampal neurogenesis. Nieto-Estevez, V, Oueslati-Morales, C.O., Li, L., Pickel, J., Morales, A.V., and Vicario-Abejon, C. Stem Cells 34(8):2194-209 (2016)

– Sox5 controls dorsal interneuron specification, counteracting Wnt signalling in the developing spinal cord Quiroga, A.C., Stolt, C.C., Diez del Corral, R., Dimitrov, S., Perez-Alcala, S., Sock, E., Barbas, J., Wegner, M. and Morales, A.V. Dev. Neurobiol. ; 75(5):522-38 (2015)

– FGF and retinoic acid activity gradients control the timing of neural crest cell emigration in the trunk. Martinez-Morales, P.L., Diez Del Corral, R., Olivera-Martinez, I., Quiroga, A.C., Das, R.M., Barbas, J.A., Storey, K.G., and Morales, A.V. J. Cell Biol. 194: 489-503 (2011).

– SOX5 controls cell cycle progression in neural progenitors by interfering with the WNT-beta-catenin pathway. Martinez-Morales, Quiroga, , Barbas, J.A., and Morales, A.V. EMBO Rep 11, 466-472 (2010).

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