Internship Brighton

Se trata de una oferta de prácticas en un hotel de una empresa de idiomas. Pertenece a Sprachcaffe Languages PLUS, un operador turístico internacional, y requiere personas con motivación para trabajar en este sector.Las tareas serán de recepcionista. Está entidad se dedica también a realizar cursos de inglés para estudiantes. De hecho esta estancia incluye 20 horas  por semana de enseñanza. La jornada es de 35 horas. Brighton es un lugar con muchos atractivos para el visitante y se encuentra aproximadamente a una hora de Londres.

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The hotel belongs to Sprachcaffe Languages PLUS, an international tour operator and language company. The hotel offer also accommodation for a large number of students which attend Sprachcaffe language courses.

As part of our Trainee program we look for a motivated person with passion for the hotel and tourism sector that is willing to learn. We offer them the opportunity to gain experience abroad and improve their English skills.

This position includes:

– Accommodation in our staff quarters with kitchen facilities located in the Hotel itself.

– English language classes in our school nearby (20 hours English tuition per week)

– Paid holidays

– 75£ / week 400 £ Bonus when finishing the 6th month

Working schedule: 35 hours per week

Duration of the trainee program: 6 – 12 months

Department: Reception

Duties: Multi-functional Receptionist

The West Beach Hotel is conveniently located in Brighton’s city centre along the seafront and offers 48 en suite rooms. The hotel is facing the West Pier and is within short walking distance from the Conference Centre and Brighton’s main attractions: the Palace Pier, Royal Pavilion, Museums, Churchill Square Shopping Centre and many more.

Brighton is only within 1 hour travel distance from London by train and only 30 min away from Gatwick Airport. This coastal city is the perfect location to relax and enjoy its nightlife.


For many language students, Brighton is their first choice destination for an English course. The southern England seaside resort offers a vibrant, diverse atmosphere and a modern lifestyle with lots of famous attractions like Brighton Pier, the Pavillion, and the Laines; all of which make Brighton such a unique city.

In addition to its royal heritage, Brighton is a young and modern city with many clubs, water sports opportunities, and great shopping.

This university town, with about 160,000 inhabitants, is a multi-cultural city and its large percentage of young citizens give it a cosmopolitan atmosphere. The town is also known as “London by the Sea” and our English courses in Brighton are some of the most popular in the country. Studying in Brighton allows you to mix with friendly locals, giving you the chance to use the language you have learned in class whilst discovering more about England’s rich and fascinating history.

Our English courses in Brighton are diverse and we have something for everyone. Whether you want to take a 2-week intensive course during the summer holidays, a multi-week exam course, or a business English course, or you simply wish to study a language in a relaxed environment, at our Brighton language school you can learn English in the manner of your choice.

Once you have chosen your course, you can register for adult courses here and courses for young people here. Or, contact us for any queries you have about the course.

Why choose an English language courses in Brighton?
Brighton, popularly referred to as «London-by-the-Sea», is the ideal location for those looking for the young, trendy vibe of London but in a more slow-paced and relaxed atmosphere. With the whole city flocking to the beach in summer for barbeques, or sipping a coffee outside while listening to street buskers, or having a picnic and going for a bike ride in one of the city’s many parks and surrounding hills, this is a lively city with a community feel. Brighton is also famous for its arts and culture scene, with numerous festivals, concerts, gigs, comedy nights, food fairs and much more happening all year round; creating lots of extra English learning opportunities.


Furthermore, our language school in Brighton is accredited by the British Council and Education UK.