Internship & Working in China

There are also different positions, such as: engineer, international business, marketing, designer, production management, hotel management and so on. Continents education Co.,Ltd in Hangzhou, China has already got a large variety of good companies in the YangtzeRiver delta, such as: electronic, mechanic, chemical, automobile, manufacture, finance, designing, architecture, education, communication,hotel and so on.. They are mainly offering the services to the international students who want to do internships in China. [1]

They are keeping good relationships with the universities and companies
China. All the matters such as: visa, Chinese language study,
apartment,internship positions, working positions and daily life service could all be well arranged. We can arrange proper positions according to the
students’ conditions in large companies of the cities, such as:
Hangzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Ningbo, Wuxi and so on. During the
internship, we arrange special teachers to take good care of their

We have already got a large variety of good companies in the Yangtze
River delta, such as: electronic, mechanic, chemical, automobile,
manufacture, finance, designing, architecture, education,
communication,hotel and so on.

There are also different positions, such as: engineer, international
business, marketing, designer, production management, hotel management
and so on.

We would like to build up good relationship with your respected
university about offering internship and working positions for your
students in China. In the attachment is our brochure, please check it.
If there are any questions, just feel free to let us know.

We are looking forward to your reply.

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Hangzhou Continents Education Co.,Ltd.
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Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province, China
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Contents Continents Education …………….. 3 Business Internship Program…… 4 Chapter 1 Study and Training…………………. 5 ZUST Introduction………………. 6 Study Contents………………….. 7 Practical business class……….. 9 Chapter 2 Internship …………………………… 12 Internship Companies…………… 14 Chapter 3 New Career…………………………. 15 Others………………………………… 19 Reference information …………. 20 Preface Nowadays, with the economic internationalization and globalization, it is more and more important to take part in worldwide multi-cultural communication and cooperation. In this fierce competitive international business situation, more and more Chinese companies have been striving to enhance their competitive strength, especially in the area of international marketing. Yangtze River Delta, one of the most developed economic areas in China and one of the most influential business zones of the whole world, grows a lot more thriving companies open to the innovative ideas and welcomes communication, cooperation, and participation from friends and companies throughout the world. Continents Education, an international company which has been offering high-quality services to the international students’ recruitment, international cooperation between universities and companies, is now carrying on a particular program with the supports from Zhejiang university of Science and Technology and the local government. From this special program, students could not only learn Chinese language and Chinese culture in the university, but also get a special business experience. 3 CONTINENTS EDUCATION CO., LTD Hangzhou Continents Education Company is established by a group who are enthusiastic about Chinese culture and international education. We are engaged in the business of international education, talents training and input. We have built up cooperative relationship with around 80 universities. As for the talents input, we have got good relationships with more than 300 companies in Zhejiang province, Jiangsu province and Shanghai city. These companies could offer diversified positions for international talents. We have a professional team specially for taking care of international students when they are in China for study, internship and work. Special services related to apartment, food, culture, business and career consultation all could be available. With the fast development of Chinese economy and more frequently international communication, we expect to set up a bridge between China and other nations to help more people know China and more talents’ dreams come true! 4 BUSINESS INTERNSHIP PROGRAM Study·Internship·Job Opportunity Duration: One year (Four months study and training in university; four to six months internship in companies) Half year (one months study and training in university; three to five months internship in companies) Visa: Students visa Place: Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China Content Chapter One: Study and Training Students will firstly study in ZUST (Zhejiang University of Science and Technology). During this period, there will be different Chinese language and business courses. Students will also get case analysis class about international marketing. Teachers from Continents Education and the deputy from the company will give students special case analytical class according to the real condition of the very company. From the class, students will learn more about the company and Chinese real marketing. Chapter Two: Internship Students will be allocated to different companies to do the internships for more than three months. Chapter Three: New Career The students have chances to get interviews with the companies who would like to recruit foreigners as their employees after their internship. What can students get from this program? 1. Chinese study certification from the university 2. Learn the newest knowledge about international business in China and Chinese companies 3. Internship certification from the company 4. Chances for working in China when graduated 5 Chapter 1 Study and Training 6 ZHEJIANG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Zhejiang University of Science and Technology Located in the historical and picturesque city of Hangzhou She is a prestigious institution of higher education with a long history and attaches great importance to scientific research. Zhejiang University of Science and Technology is a comprehensive research university with distinctive features. She has been a pilot project of Chinese-German cooperation in application-orientated talent cultivation. The academic disciplines cover engineering, economics, art, science, management, education, literature and etc. The main campus covers an area of 280 acres with 440,000 square meters construction. There are about 15,600 Chinese students and more than 1000 international students studying in the campus. For international cooperation, the university has built up relationships with universities in Germany, U.S.A, UK, France, Japan, Australia and so on. Especially the cooperation with Germany, In 1985 the Zhejiang Provincial Government and the German Niedersachsen State Government signed a cooperative agreement to support the Zhejiang University of Science and Technology. The two governments exchanged official documents detailing the cooperation in the year of 1990 and started the joint project to build up the University by mutual efforts. With the financial support of joint cooperative projects, ZUST has built up many well-equipped practice-sites and laboratories. More than two hundred Teachers, Engineers and Administrators have visited Germany for further study. Mr. Herzog, former German President, and around 500 other distinguished guests, professors and lecturers have visited ZUST for cooperation, lectures and laboratory work….