Mandarinclick China Internship

MC is a well-established consultancy firm in the pulsing heart of Beijing. They help foreigners start or boost their professional career in China. The MC Internship/Job Program, aiming at providing expert guidance to university students, new graduates and professionals by offering a high standard selection of internship and job opportunities.

The details of MC Internship/Job Program are as follows:
About the placement:

Thanks to our excellent network, we are able to provide hundreds of internship and job placements in various fields ranging from marketing, to business consulting, trading, designing, English teaching, computer science, medical science, law, accounting, engineering, media, entertainment, etc.

We haveestablished wide cooperation with NGOs, state-owned companies, multinationals, and local enterprises.
We will help you find a suitable placement according to your interests, academic background and qualifications. The internship/job opportunities will be pre-arranged and guaranteed prior to your arrival in China (in case you are not in China yet).

Requirements for Applicants:
• Proficiency in English speaking and writing
• University students, new graduates, or professionals
• Willing to know more about China
• Observing company rules
?1. If the internship/job probation length is counted in weeks, one month will be regarded as 4 weeks.
?2. The accidental medical insurance can be arranged by Mandarinclick.
?3. The amount of monthly internship allowances/ job salaries varies with the internship length of
commitment and depends on the internship company and your contribution.
?4. We will assist you in getting the required documents and guide you through the visa application
process. (The applicant needs to get a business F visa in order to carry out an internship in China, and a Zvisa
to work a job). The documents will be sent to you at least a few weeks ahead of your planned arrival time so you will have enough time to process. (More information can be seen on the website of Chinese embassy in the country where you apply for the visa).
?5. In addition, if your visa needs to be extended to complete your internship, we will help you go through
the visa extension process. All the visa-related fees are not included in the program fee.
?6. Concerning the residence in China during your internship/job, there are several choices: we can help
you find one according to your requests before your arrival, or we could also help you find a single bedroom with a local host family or local young professional. Naturally, the applicants can also find a place
to live by themselves.
?7. Airport Pick-up: According to your flight and arrival information, we can meet you at the airport and
escort you to the place you are going to stay. An extra 50$ will be charged for this service.
?8. Welcome Service: To help you settle down in a comfortable and efficient manner, we can arrange one
of our team members to show you around in Beijing, help you get familiar with its surroundings (e.g. places
in terms of eating, shopping, traveling), show you how to use the public transport system, how to make a
local and international phone calls, and remind you of all the things you need to be aware of while living
and working in China and introduce you to the company on the first day of your visit.
What you can get:
?An Internship certificate (Only in case of internship)
?A recommendation letter from the mentor in your internship company (Internship)
?Overseas work experience and global vision (internship/job)
?Social network in China (internship/job)
?Potential business relationships and business opportunity in China (internships/jobs)
?Free admission to Mandarinclick´s cultural seminars and networking events
?Access to a custom-made language course
?Career support by Mandarinclick during your entire stay in China
For more inquiries, feel free to email us or call 86(10)85728819. Do not hesitateto contact us if you are interested. We are also visible on Linkedin (Mandarinclick MC) and Facebook (mandarinclick).