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Multiples ofertas en Capgemini DEMS (Digital Engineering and Manufacturing Services). Las soluciones de la ingeniería digital. El Internet de las cosas, la Industria 4.0, el “Software definido” y la integración física y digital en evolución han cambiado las expectativas de funcionalidad e interoperabilidad del producto. Todos los aspectos de la creación de productos, el desarrollo continuo y la fabricación, a menudo exigen un mayor control y una disrupción creativa.

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 Contacto correo-e:andrea.vargas-gallarosa@capgemini.com

Capgemini DEMS (Digital Engineering and Manufacturing Services), with nearly 10.000 employees worldwide in aerospace, defense, energy, transport and telco sectors, would like to incorporate a Data Scientist.

As a member of a team dedicated to supervise voice assistant system, the data scientist is both in charge of leading the annotators and evaluating the AI Model.

This team continuously collect samples from end users to annotate those samples and enrich a database later used to build new models.

Main activities:

– Manage the annotators by :
Prepare and provide samples to be annotated on a daily basis
Provide support to the annotators (e.g. help understand the annotation guide and the ontology)
Check annotator’s work

– Evaluate the IA Model by :
Evaluate newly created IA model performances
Work on understanding the root cause for dysfunctions and problems of non-comprehension
Amelioration plan regarding Ontology

We offer:

– Stable incorporation to international company.
– Professional development and growth. Certifications, e-learning courses…
– Remuneration negotiable according to value.
– Social benefits (tickets restaurant medical and life insurance)
– Kindergarten tickets.
– Onsite physiotherapist and doctor.
– Flexible working hours and summer intensive working time

Required skills :

– Strong background in Data Science / AI, Natural Language Processing (which includes Natural Language Understanding)
– Basic computer skills (Linux, Python scripting, SQL scripting, …)
– Communication (the person will most probably have to interact with their counterpart in France)

• Optional skills :
– No-SQL database basic knowledge
– Kibana dashboard knowledge

Información complementaria de la oferta:
Andrea Vargas
Técnico de selección
Teléfono: 91 215 45 82