What does Europe mean to Europe?

Through a series of keynotes, «in conversations», panels and debates, E!Sharp Live will take a critical look at whether it is possible for the EU to become more relevant to the citizens it is meant to serve, and how it can go about doing so. It will ask whether its institutions can deliver recognisably EU-led solutions to the migration, security and economic problems that have stoked the fires of populism in Europe, while examining the role of national capitals. The event will seek to re-energise the debate around the future of the European Union and will cover the following areas:

•Globalisation, trade, interdependence and inequality
•Rise of populism and ‘anti-politics’
•Migration and immigration
•Combatting terrorism (soft power, hard power, technology)
•Stimulating Europe’s economy, especially for the young
24 January 2017 / The Steigenberger‎ Hotel, Brussels


Register online at www.esharplive.eu

Please note this event is free to attend but places are offered on a first come first served basis
E!Sharp Live 2017