Ofertas de empleo

Course Leader and Lecturer in International Business and Marketing and Advertising


Doctoral level qualification in Economics, Business or Marketing and Advertising.



  • Innovation and Impact – Record of quality outputs in terms of originality, significance and rigour.
  • Contribution – Engagement with relevant communities internally and potentially externally.
  • Academic Leadership – Providing leadership and support to colleagues within the University, for example as a Module Leader or Programme Leader of a small/medium size programme.

Skills/Personal Requirements

  • Demonstrate proficiency in English.
  • Demonstration of the MIUC’s agreed values and behaviours – Professional, Innovative, Inclusive and Ambitious.

Visas & immigration

  • Candidates must be able to demonstrate their eligibility to work in Spain.


Required Documents

  • Cover letter
  • Doctoral level qualification in Economics, Business or Marketing and Advertising
  • CV
  • Two references
  • One (or two) academic writing samples in English

Applicants should be prepared to deliver a 30 minutes long lecture to MIUC faculty on a topic within their field of expertise.

The documents should be sent to registrar@miuc.org


A Course Leader in International Business and Marketing and Advertising is expected to act as course manager to usher the course into its next phase of evolution and deliver high quality, student centred teaching, underpinned by academic scholarship (research, pedagogy, knowledge exchange or professional practice).

  1. Main Duties and Responsibilities

Candidate will supervise a small but diverse team of academics, ensuring your programme area has good academic rigour, is well organised and is operationally efficient.

Lead to the day-to-day academic management of the programme to ensure excellence at all learning stages is met via various processes (including the development of study skills learning materials and other resources, performance tracking and reporting, etc.).

Contribute to and ensure key quality standards are met via a variety of processes (including moderation meetings, responding to external examiner reports, periodic programme reviews, and other key quality assurance activities).

Academic staff are expected to carry out a range of duties and responsibilities taken from the following. Whilst it is not anticipated that all activities listed below will be covered by one person, it is expected that all individuals will make a balanced contribution to teaching and learning and research, and will demonstrate academic leadership.

  1. Teaching and learning support
  • Design and deliver learning experiences that are engaging, challenging and informed by pedagogical scholarship and professional practice.
  • Contribute to and/or lead in the development or design of the curriculum and of innovative programmes.
  • Demonstrate effective teaching and professional practice as measured by student feedback, assessment outcomes and success and peer review.
  • Supervise the work of students, provide advice on study skills and support learning.
  • Develop methods of assessment that encourage active learning and student engagement and provide constructive feedback to students.
  • Identify areas where current provision is in need of revision or improvement.
  1. Research and scholarship
  • Supervise research degree students.
  • Submit initiative to develop and design research projects and submit proposals to secure funding.
  • Conduct, contribute to, or collaborate in research projects and disseminate research findings through the publication of appropriate outputs (e.g. peer reviewed articles).
  • Submit initiative to disseminate research through conference presentations, popular publications and public engagement activities.
  • Engage with industry and society to translate knowledge advances in disciplinary, professional and pedagogical research as required to support research and teaching activities.
  1. Communication, liaison and networking
  • Liaise with national and international peers, colleagues and students, promoting MIUC in the identification of funding, student recruitment and securing opportunities for students (e.g. student placements, work experience etc.).
  • Market the institution, facilitate out-reach activity, obtain consultancy projects and/or build relationships for future activities.
  • Build academic networks for the exchange of information, collaborative research including identification of funding and form relationships for future collaboration.
  1. Academic leadership
  • Exercise academic leadership and supervision in research and teaching as a lecturer and/or mentor to peers, colleagues, and students.
  • Develop or coordinate the work of others to ensure modules are delivered to the standards required.
  • Resolve problems affecting the quality of course delivery and research progress, referring more serious matters to others, as appropriate.
  1. Teamwork and pastoral care
  • Promote, contribute, and collaborate with academic colleagues on course development, curriculum changes, group meetings, internal committees and the development of research activity and teaching.
  • Collaborate and coordinate teaching, research and projects.
  • Responsible for dealing with student issues in accordance with MIUC regulations.
  1. Initiative, problem-solving and decision-making
  • Demonstrate initiative, creativity, judgement and responsibility, for applying appropriate approaches to research, accreditation of courses, teaching, learning support, assessment and/or scholarly activities.
  • Develop ideas for generating income for scholarship research and knowledge exchange.
  • Provide advice on strategic issues and decision-making such as subject promotion, student recruitment and marketing.
  1. Planning and managing resources
  • Responsible for managing resources, assessments, workshops, facilities and for ensuring that student needs and expectations are met.
  • Responsible for administrative duties in areas such as admissions, timetabling, examinations, progress assessment and student attendance.
  • Contribute to institutional planning, staff resourcing, research, strategic development, priorities and goals.
  • Be responsible for ensuring that the information and records processed (received, created, used, stored, destroyed) on behalf of the University are managed in compliance with all applicable legislation, codes and policies e.g. Data Protection.
  1. Work environment
  • Responsible for managing risk and promoting safe practices within the work environment (e.g. workshops, company visits, field trips).
  • Some national and international travel may be required.
  1. Expertise
  • Possess sufficient breadth or depth of specialist knowledge in the discipline to develop teaching and research programmes.
  • Engage in continuous professional development including a range of delivery techniques and the promotion of learning, professional practice and research.

Condiciones laborales

The post holder will be expected to act as a Course Leader in International Business and Marketing and Advertising, and manage the said the courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level. This post is an exciting opportunity to lead an enthusiastic and established team of academics and ensure innovative, efficient and effective delivery of a high quality education. Moreover, a successful candidate is expected to teach a range of modules; and, support the development and running of courses at MIUC and contribute to the research and publication profile of the department alongside their respective associated administrative tasks.

Permanent Contract

Salary :Competitive

Plazo de entrega CV