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  • Ingeniero de Telecomunicación
  • Ingeniero en Informática
  • Ingeniero en Electrónica
  • Máster Universitario en Seguridad Informática (Ciberseguridad)


We are looking for a professional with 5 years experience in Cybersecurity covering the following areas: Cybersecurity standards. Cybersecurity requirements analysis. Cybersecurity by design. Secure communications (e.g., TLS, IPsec) & PKI.

Mid-to-full stack knowledge of network protocols (Ethernet and TCP/IP highly desirable, others like GSM/UMTS are nice-to-have). Secure software update procedures.

English fluency! All our customers are outside Spain.

Other skills that we value:

Experience in secure software implementation & defensive programming (e.g., C/C programming).

Experience with general microcontroller development (bootloaders, debuggers, asm) and secure microcontrollers (HSM, TPM, privileged execution environments).

Knowledge of automotive grade operating systems (e.g., AUTOSAR, QNX). Knowledge of industrial buses (CAN, RS-232, LIN, FlexRay…).

Participation in international working groups and workshops, especially in standardization procedures (e.g., ISO, IEEE).

Personal skills: Good ability to communicate (writing and verbally) clearly and with confidence. Initiative and pro-activity. Teamwork is key. We don’t work together, we cooperate continuously.


Your Role: As a Cybersecurity Engineer you will help making the car of the future more secure. We work closely with our customers in the Automotive industry in order to shape the next generation Cybersecurity systems.

You’ll also participate, with your knowledge, in the development of Silicon Gears’s Cybersecurity business.

Main Responsibilities: You will be a reference in Silicon Gears, and the TTTech Auto group in Automotive Cybersecurity.

You are a knowledge source and keep updated in cyber-threats, cryptography among other Cybersecurity topics You will analyse System Architectures for HW and SW systems, and provide input in Cybersecurity topics prior and during their implementation during their lifecycle.

You will provide internal consultancy support on current cybersecurity trends, regulation and standardization topics. You will occasionally perform vulnerability analysis and monitor Cybersecurity implementations in projects.

You are able to analyse Customer Requirements and contrast them against state of the art technology. You will document and write technical reports and other relevant documents.

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