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-Recent graduate from a technical University with studies in Computer Science or initial experience in Software development.

-Aptitude to understand complex technical solutions, structured, organised, critical thinker and ability to evaluate and communicate with others in the developer community.

-Eagerness to learn about the most cutting edge technologies in order to become more specialized in profile assessment.

-Excellent written and spoken English language a must, other language skills a plus.


-The Company is Europe’s leading recruitment platform for startups and Internet companies. We work with companies ranging from small startups to larger companies like Uber, Dropbox, etc. We have two business lines that operate worldwide. On one hand in Company, an online platform presenting companies and their culture and uses algorithms to recommend jobs to candidates and filter the best candidates for each company. On the other hand, we have our recent and very successful product, Source{d}, which is a service that analyses open-source repositories such as Github and through algorithmic analysis of the code ranks developers based on their programming languages, relative skillset and geography. We currently are receiving amazing market response, engagement and significant growth with the Source{d} product.

-Responsibilities: Our Developer Relations team manages the communication with our candidate developers and clients. You would be charged with evaluating a number of software developers from around the world and deciding if the roles we are working on are a fit for their skills and experience. Once contacted you would need to explain the opportunity, assess if their profile is a fit, schedule an interview with them and decide if they can be presented to the client. Further responsibility is to identify where the process and our internal tools can be improved in order to increase effectiveness and process flow. [

Condiciones laborales


Salary: 22.000€ base salary very attractive variable compensation based on performance

*[Development opportunity]: In order to assess candidates of many types (from data science to mobile developers), you will need to learn about multiple technologies, frameworks, libraries, etc. This will be something you deal with every day and it grants you extensive exposure to the world of software development. As the team grows we will assign heads of teams to coordinate teams of several Developer Relations. You could be one of them! Further opportunities are to grow into business roles or become one of our own software development team members.

*[Perks]: – Flexible working hours: As long as you perform well and you are here when your head of team needs you you can arrange your working schedule as you wish. – Open Source Fridays: Every other Friday you will be allowed to work on an open-source project of your choosing, allowing you to keep coding and improving your skills as well as giving you the chance to prove your potential to join our engineering team. – Flexible holidays: You can take your holidays as you wish, no restrictions, and even exchange public holidays for any other days. – Free drinks at the office: Beer, Coke, coffee and water –

*Togethers: Once a month we invite everyone for drinks at a bar in order to get to know each other better. – Friday lunch: Every Friday the whole company is invited to lunch at the office. Each week we have a different type of food. We host talks from interesting people regularly for them to give a presentation on the latest technologies or business matters.

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