Ofertas de empleo



  • Diplomado/a en Informática
  • Ingeniero/a Técnico/a de Telecomunicación
  • Ingeniero/a Técnico/a de Telecomunicación, Especialidad en Sistemas de Telecomu
  • Ingeniero/a Técnico/a de Telecomunicación, Especialidad en Telemática
  • PCEO Grado en Ingeniería Informática / Grado en Matemáticas
  • Doble Grado en Física y Matemáticas
  • Doble Grado en Ingeniería Informática – Administración de Empresas
  • Doble Grado en Ingeniería Informática y Administración y dirección de Empresas
  • PCEO Grado en Ingeniería de Sistemas Telecomunicación / Grado en Dirección y Creación de Empresas


 What we are looking for:

1. Engineering last year students or new graduates.

2. Energetic team player & creator.

3. Fluent Spanish & English (written/verbally).

4. Excellent communication skills & strong customer focus.

5. MAXIMUM 2 years of previous experience. 


READY? Sport has one elementary rule: you win if you run the fastest, jump the highest or score better than your opponent. If you don’t, it’s up to you. Winning in business is a little more complex. And that¿s why we need you, your ambition to score and your passion for sports and lifestyle. Are you determined to train even harder to get there? If you love to create the present, as well as shape the future our Young Talent Program provides you with numerous opportunities to start and build the career of your dreams. The IT Young Talent is a pure IT program. Our top priority is to provide comprehensive mentoring and foster trainee development. That’s why during the program you will be supported by a mentor, a manager of your department. Your individual roadmap is the result of a closely collaborative effort. In compiling it, we constantly strive to take your wishes and interests into account and meet your expectations.

STEADY? We are looking for energetic self-starters, integrators and team players who want to succeed in a dynamic and volatile work environment. Every day, we work to improve everything and we love to create. Are you ready to try something new and shape the future of sports.

Condiciones laborales

  What we offer:

– 9 months of internship 1 year training contract.

– Full time availability.

– Remunerated traineeship.

– Training plan, product discounts, team buildings GO! Apply now and make the difference! www.careers.adidas-group.com

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