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Lawyers and founder of the Firm, Bologna (BO), Italy


Name: Studio Legale de Capoa.

Description: Since its foundation, de Capoa Law Firm has had an internationalist vocation and for over thirty-five years it has been accompanying its clients – both Italian and foreign – in the management of reciprocal relations, in commercial negotiations, in corporate transactions, in the valuation of investments abroad, in the resolution of transnational disputes, in the efficient and effective management of foreign business, in import & export activities, in the legal support of the competitiveness of companies entering a foreign market, as well as in the solution of a wide range of cross-border issues by providing the Client with personalised assistance.

Detailed programme of the traineeship:
The intern professional activity will be focused on learning principles and rules of Private International law and European law, especially by draft contracts, legal documents and legal opinions and by taking part to hearings and meetings with clients. In particular the intern will be study and analyse on going cases and write reports or summary in different topics related to the cases. Most of the work will be in the commercial law and related litigation. Knowledge, skills and competences to be acquired by the end of the traineeship (expected Learning
Outcomes): The intern will be followed and monitored by the founder member of the firm or by one of his assistants. She will be asked to write reports and give feed backs about the cases and studies, she will have to discuss her work other lawyers.

Monitoring plan: Every report will receive a brief opinion on the intern mentor. The evaluation criteria will asses the analytical skills, initiatives, adaptability, communication and Team work skills. The level of language competence in ENGLISH that the trainee already has or agrees to acquire by the start of the mobility: B2

Se ofrece

Number of working hours per week: 40
Planned period of the mobility: from 1/03/2024
Duration of the traineeship: 3 months

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Name: Antonio

Surname: de Capoa

Head office: Via Francesco Petrarca, 2, 40136, Bologna (BO), Italy

Mail: mail@decapoa.com

Website: www.decapoa.com

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