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7th Summer Academy “Perspectives” Youngsters for Future Generations


-University students in humanitarian, social, economic or pedagogical specialties.

-Young people possessing a high level of self-initiative and skills for finding innovative solutions.

-With positive attitudes and high moral values to support young people with minority background and vulnerable groups living in small towns and rural disadvantage settlements.

-Proficient in English – C1 level.

-Having basic knowledge of working with children and youth.

-The ability for implementing non-formal educational methods will be considered extremely advantageous.

-Being well-informed about the basic principles and values ​​of youth work in the context of European integration policies.

Se ofrece

We are a youth organization that has composed a partnership network with municipalities, schools, universities and other organizations in 10 small towns in Bulgaria. Institute Perspectives is one of the first accredited organizations in the youth sector of the Erasmus + program.

We are part of the national working group for the implementation of the dialogue about young people’s issues in the EU and members of the Regional Council for Development of the North Central Region.

In 2021 we organized 4 trainings with over 400 participants from all over the world dealing with the themes concerning the future of the European Union, Entrepreneurship, the Green Deal, Human rights, Ecology, Sport and the Development of tourism in small settlements.

Forty young university students from Europe, South America and Asia completed their internships in our organization.

Aims of 7th edition

Summers suggest the most important periods of a young people advent into adulthood. The abundance of free time is used for socialization. But quite often this process is accompanied by the use of alcohol, drugs abuse and radicalization leading to isolation, stagnation and unhealthy lifestyle especially in remote rural areas endangered of depopulation.

For a seventh consecutive year, we, the members of Institute of Perspectives will do our best to create alternative opportunities for socialization of young people by conducting educational initiatives for:

-The increase of foreign language competencies

-Personal financial literacy and economics.

-Emotional intelligence.

-Etiquette of behavior and demeanor.

-Development of solidarity, tolerance and accepting otherness.

-Appreciation of the world cultural heritage and diversity in music and arts.

-Social entrepreneurship for community sevices

-Development of creative thinking for environmental protection.



The young people and children in the rural areas of Bulgaria do not have access to contemporary meaningful activities and non-formal educational workshops during the summer months. Most parents are migrant workers and the children are left alone or being looked after by elderly grandparents.

It is our primary task to answer the necessity for inspirational motivational events organized for the deprived young generation focusing on ecology, digitalization, human solidarity and intergenerational collaboration that aims at reaching the goals of a prosperous future Europe.



-To prepare educational materials following a pre-established by the experts of the Institute of Perspectives programme.

-To prepare a time-table of the educational activities.

-To organize and run real educational events with the target groups.

– To present and learn about the current European policies in the field of ecology, digitalization, youths and social inclusion.

-To develop career guidance resources young Europeans in an accessible language.

– To generate own ideas for developing a project proposal under an current EU program.


Logic of implementation:

The internship has three actions:


-Five-day training to get to know the team and master the basic principles of non-formal learning and youth work. Defining a major personal challenge.


-Five-day study of EU policies and structural preparation of educational initiatives with target groups.



Six-week implementation of educational initiatives



-Preparation of a report for the completed educational activities.

-Transforming the personal challenge into a solution through the development of an EU project.


There will be formed 2 to 4 teams of youth coordinators from the Perspectives Institute, including the European interns. Then each team in turns will implement the educational program in 4 settlements of the Republic of Bulgaria.


Towns of Implementation:

-The preparation (2 weeks) will take place in the town of Svishtov.

-Educational initiatives will be in the town of Isperih, the village of Razboyna, of Pravets and a settlement in the Rhodopes mountain.

-The final part will be in one of the branches of the Institute of Perspectives in Veliko Tarnovo or Burgas.


Working program:


First stage: 5 days a week,

Second stage: 4 days with the target groups and one day for resources preparation for the next week.

Working hours: 7 hours.

From 11:00am to 7:00pm with an afternoon break of 1 hour at the discretion of the team and depending on the specific tasks for the day.


Learning outcomes:


-Developed competencies for working in a multicultural environment.

-The dynamic program will prepare participants to become adaptable and competitive.

-Organizing activities in different settlements with different partners will enrich the organizational culture and tolerant attitude of the interns toward others opinions and background.

-Improved knowledge of the main and current EU policies.

-Acquired competencies for working in an international environment.

-Achieved competencies for team work in developing ideas based on solution models for encountered challenges.

Life in Bulgaria is very cheap. To be able to need a financial grant from your university. We do not offer you any financial security, as the initiative, which is offered on a voluntary basis and is opened in small places, does not have access to quality education. We strongly share European values and rely on the solidarity of our European peers, who provide high knowledge and culture and skills to come to our country and demonstrate the strength of the United Europe and together prove to Eurosceptics that young people can continue to offer Europe. Through this summer academy together we will change for the good life of at least 150 young people with fewer opportunity and at risk of poverty.


Participants buy their own food from the scholarships.

Accommodation and transport: 200 euros per month. We will provide them with accommodation in double rooms and provide them with a car to travel with.


Envía tu CV

◉All candidates have to send their CV and a cover letter, explaining why they want to participate in the internship, no later than 10.05.2022. For subject of e-mail place write: Candidate for 7th summer academy

◉Send your requests to  partnerships@institute-perspectives.com

◉Each candidate need to know the terms for participating in internship, according to their university.

◉We will provide all documentation and send it through the post, if necessary.


◉Institute Perspectives does not provide salary for the internship. All funds for the student depend on their university.

◉Institute Perspectives is finding appropriate accommodation in the central part of the towns. In the apartment there will be another Erasmus trainees.

◉The internship can start at earliest on 20.06.2022, but lo longer than 03.07.2022.

The duration of the internship can be between 2 and 4 months.

If you are interested, about previous editions, you can find more information here:



Visual Presentation:




Report: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bQa3HI1TPih4ZWtzD1QusNDyVWl8Dm5E/view?usp=sharing

























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