Ofertas de prácticas

Assistant Bibliographer


  • Skills: excellent communication skills; team player; broad knowledge of European history and cultures, across countries, periods, languages and disciplines


  • Degree (relevant to):

Philology, Language & Literature, History, Archeology, Philosophy, Theology.


  • Traineeship description:

supporting a team of Bibliographers working on Brepols Publishers’ databases (L’Année philologique, International Medieval Bibliography, International Bibliography for Humanisme and Renaissance, Index Religiosus).


  • Languange Requirements:
    1. English (C1 or C2).
    2. Good command of any other language will be considered as an advantage.


  • Fees & Fundings:
    1. European Union-Erasmus+ programme funding (depends on the year and level of studies).
    2. 200€/per month from Brepols Pulishers as accomodation fees (the renting contract or the receipt for the rent is necessary).

Se ofrece

  • Duration: no less than 4 months (up to 12 months).


  • Starting date: from [day/month/year] until the [day/month/year]


  • Working hours: 6 hours/day (from 08.30 to 14.30). A 30 minutes break is included.


  • Leave: it is counted within the working days. It is (1,67 x number of months). Eg. for a period of 6 months the number of leave days can be calculated as following: 1,67 x 6 = 10,02.
  • Aim of the Internship

    Become familiar with all stages of the work of the bibliographic team, from the creation of a single record to the upload of the cumulative annual bibliography online.


    Skills to be acquired

    As a member of the bibliographic team you will learn how to:

    • Quickly summarize and assign keywords to publications which belong to various fields of studies and multiple languages
    • Use available bibliographic tools (library catalogues, publishers’ platforms, national and international subject-specific datasets)
    • Use and navigate through our electronic input platforms
    • Manage large volumes of data with due accuracy
    • Prioritise work effectively in an environment with demanding deadlines
    • Work as part of a team



    • Creating new bibliographic records in multiple languages (depending on the language skills of the candidate)
    • Editing old records
    • Processing book reviews
    • Performing background tasks aiming at the standardization of the material already in the Brepols’databases, i.e. merging duplicate records, names, historical persons, book series etc.



    All different tasks to be performed by the trainee will be taught as stand-alone learning blocks with specific objectives and outcomes. Each block is structured as follows: 1) theoretical considerations, methodology, professional ethics, 2) guided practice, 3) independent work, 4) feedback on the work produced, 5) reflection and reporting to the trainer. Every step of the training process is paced according to the skills and educational background of the trainee and is closely monitored to maximize the benefits for both the hosting company and the intern.




    Evangeli Skaka; Dimitris KYRATZIS

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Brepols Publishing Services

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