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Erasmus Student Association ESA IC Napoli


Graphic Designer;
• Photo and Video Editor/Maker;
• Social Media Manager(Art&Copy);
• Public Relation Responsable for
night Events and Activities;
• Tour and Trips Management &
Promotion Responsable;
• Sport Activities Responsable

Se ofrece

Erasmus Student Association ESA IC Napoli is a non-profit Association, recognized by the Municipality
of Naples, created in 2017 by Neapolitan and International students, who have decided to help and support
all the International Erasmus Students coming in the city. It offers free assistance services and organize a
lot of activities for all students in Naples.
Our main mission is to help and promote the integration of students in the city and promote youth activities
and artistic and cultural heritage both locally and nationally. Most of the students we help have an average
age of 20-22 years, for this we will give priority to requests consistent with our working context, focused
on that age range.
As a non-profit Association committed in the field of youth policies we strongly believe in the professional
opportunities that an associative experience can allow to learn . That is why our missions are pursued
professionally, even if we’re not a profit company.

You’ll have the chance to meet new people from all over the world;
• You will have a chance to work in the office in international and
young environment;
• You can improve your English, Spanish, Italian;
• Have the opportunity to learn a lot from the organization and the
people who work in there;
• You can enjoy activities and trips that we make

The numerous assistance services offered by the Association and the organized activities allow to acquire
a highly educational, professional and entrepreneurial experience especially in the areas of
communication, journalism, advertising and public relations, marketing, office management, tourism,
international relations, resources humans and languages (although we could accept more fields if the
needs of the students fit our internship program).

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Sede Legal: Via Bernardo Cavallino, 87. Napoli.
Sede Operativa: Galleria Príncipe di Napoli, Uffici XII – XIII
Código Fiscal: 95250380631
Teléfono: +39 3518013832 (Asociación) +39 3480089173 (Presidente)
Email: esa.erasmusnapoli@gmail.com; info@erasmusnapoli.it; presidenza@erasmusnapoli.it;
Email Pec: associazione.esa@pec.it
Sitio Web: www.erasmusnapoli.it – www.erasmusnapoli.com
Redes Sociales:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ErasmusNapoliInternationalCommunity
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/icnapoli_erasmusnapoli
YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCYkbNDJxS9QTGs2YIO_uPow

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