Ofertas de prácticas

NAR LABS Research Laboratories


The applicant must:
 be foreign nationality
 be in the fields of study related to one of listed NARLab’s research centers:
 National Laboratory Animal Center (NLAC)
 National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering(NCREE)
 National Space Organization(NSPO)
 National Center for High-performance Computing (NCHC)
 Taiwan Semiconductor Research Institute (TSRI)
 Taiwan Instrument Research Institute (TIRI)
 Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center (STPI)
 Taiwan Ocean Research Institute (TORI)
 be qualified for animal experiment and experienced with medium and large animal sur-gery for applying NLAC
 be master or PhD students with experiences related to biomedical optoelectronics, bio-chemistry or molecular biology for applying TIRI.
Application Material
 Application form (typed)
 Two recommendation letters (typed)
 Latest official academic transcript
 A copy of student ID card
 A copy of the photo page of passport
 A headshot photo
 optional supporting documents: English or Chinese proficiency test scores
Please note that all submitted material will not be returned.
Other Internship Conditions
 The student will be responsible for his or her travel allowance and housing arrange-ment during the entire duration of the internship program.
 At the end of the internship program, the student is required to submit a report to the hosting NARLabs’ center.
Workplace Policies
 Students should report to the assigned center. If students change centers without approval, NARLabs shall withdraw the internship offer.
 Students should report to work on time and should not be late or leave early.
 All types of absences require filling out an application and providing supporting doc-uments. Approval must be obtained from the supervisor. If the number of days of absence amount to more than a third of the internship period, the student will be deemed to have quit the internship.
 Except in cases of serious illness or accidents, it is strictly prohibited to take time off
by telephone. Requests for absences should be handled in person.
 Policies for absences:
 Sick leave: students should ask supervisor for leave on the day of the sickness be-fore going to the doctor and submit the proof as soon as possible thereafter.
 Personal leave: personal leave shall be handled in advance. In case of emergen-cies, students must telephone the supervisor to ask for leave and submit leave application thereafter. If not, then the personal leave will be considered absence without approval.
 Bereavement leave: students may submit application when the event occurs and the proof thereafter. Students do not have to make up internship hours due to bereavement leave.
 Official leave: students must provide proof to the supervisor in advance from their respective schools if participating in school activities.
 Absence without approval: if students did not submit leave application or the appli-cation was not approved, NARLabs shall withdraw the internship offer if such num-ber of days amount to seven days.

Se ofrece

Content of the Program
The students’ allowance is included in the scholarship.
The scholarship amount is ranged from 1,540 to 2,200 USD (equivalent to 49,000 to 64,000 NTD, 18% of taxes will be deducted), which is according to the student’s education back-ground. And will be paid with equivalent NTD.
The internship will be a full-time 8-week program and extendable starting after the ac-ceptance notification received during the year 2022

Envía tu CV

Please refer to the Application Guidelines for full details. All required application docu-ments are to be sent by email to mychang@narlabs.org.tw.
The application is opened year around.
Results will be notified within 2 months of receiving the application.

Formulario de envío